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Current Use Program

To protect land for the natural resources, and for the production of food, fiber, and forest products, land in Washington may be assessed on its current use rather than its highest use.


  • A minimum of 20.00 contiguous acres in the same ownership, exclusive of homesites.
  • Actively managed for growing timber for commercial harvest.
  • Must meet minimum stocking level requirements.
  • Must submit a timber management plan prepared by a professional forester.

Application for Designated Forest Land
Designated Forest Land Brochure
Timber Management Plans Guidelines

OPEN SPACE - RCW 84.34 and WAC 458-30-200, includes the following:

Farm and Agricultural Land Requirements:

  • Must be devoted to growing and selling lawful crops, livestock, dairying, animal husbandry, Christmas trees, or certain equestrian-related activities.
  • Use must be continuous and regular, with intent to obtain a monetary profit. Raising crops or animals for personal use, enjoyment, or consumption does not qualify.
  • Property must meet income requirements based on the amount of acreage classified:
    • 0-4.99 acres must produce a minimum of $1,500 per year.
    • 5-19.99 acres must produce a minimum of $200 per acre.
    • Properties larger than 20 acres must produce relevant monetary profit for the size.
  • Federal 1040 Schedule F must be provided for 3 of the past 5 years.

Application for Farm and Agriculture

Timberland Requirements:

  • A minimum of 5 acres exclusive of the homesite.
  • Actively managed for growing timber for commercial harvest.
  • Must submit a timber management plan prepared by a professional forester.
  • Must submit two copies of the complete application packet.

Application for Timber Land
Timber Management Plans Guidelines

Open Space Requirements - Clark County Code 3.08

  • Mineral deposits on parcels exceeding 20 acres - or
  • Archaeological or historic sites listed on local, state, or national registry - or
  • Certain streams or springs on parcels exceeding 10 acres - or
  • Certain soil types on parcels exceeding 10 acres - or
  • Certain recreational opportunities on parcels exceeding 10 acres.
  • Must submit two copies of the complete application packet.

Application for Open Space
State Open Space Brochure

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APPROVAL: Applications and fees are submitted to the Clark County Assessor’s Office. Applications for Open Space and Timberland are additionally approved or denied in a public hearing by the Board of County Commissioners. All complete applications are reviewed in the year after they were submitted. The assessed value is reduced for the year of approval, with taxes reduced in the following year. Approval places a lien on the property. All approved properties are also subject to periodic audits.

REMOVAL: Land that ceases to be maintained according to the approved current use agreement will be removed from classification. Alternately, owners may request property be removed from classification. Back taxes with penalties and interest will be charged. Email us for required forms.

CHANGE IN OWNERSHIP OR TITLE: When classified land is sold or transferred, the Assessor’s Office will review it to determine eligibility for continuance in the classification. All grantees must sign section 6(3) of the Real Estate Excise Tax Affidavit. Additional forms are also required. Email our office for information. Review of complete excise packets may take as much as 15 days.

RECLASSIFICATION: Application may be made to change from one classification to another. Contact us for additional information.

INQUIRIES: When contacting Clark County Current Use, please provide your name, phone number, email address, the property address and account number, and the nature of your inquiry. You will receive a reply as soon as possible in the order in which your inquiry was received.


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