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Weekly public hearings

Many board decisions are made at public hearings. These typically are on Tuesdays, but hearings on major issues may be scheduled at other times as well. Public hearings are a way for citizens to offer comments on an issue directly to the Board of County Councilors. Hearings also a time to hear the debate and discussion that precedes a board decision.

The following additional business is generally conducted at the councilors' weekly sessions:

Public comment

A hearing agenda includes a time for public comment. Councilors listen to brief presentations from individuals who want to talk about existing county policies, propose new policies, or address other relevant issues.

If you would like to speak during the public comment portion of the board’s hearing, please sign up on a list at the back of the hearing room or just outside in the hall. For other presentations to the board, please contact the Clerk to the Board at (360) 397-2232 or email The clerk will arrange to have the necessary county staff present to respond to your questions.

Bid awards and bid openings

Before public comment, the board considers bid awards. This is when contracts are awarded to vendors or service providers. Questions or comments from the public are welcome.

Consent agenda

After bid awards, the board reviews the consent agenda. The consent agenda is comprised of routine requests by county departments that do not require a public hearing, such as contracts for services or agreements with outside agencies. Often these agenda items officially confirm actions the commissioners approved in prior public meetings or hearings. The consent agenda is available in advance for citizens to review and comment on.

Public meetings and public hearings

This portion of the agenda usually generates the greatest levels of interest with citizens. Major board decisions are usually made during the public meeting/public hearing portion of the agenda.

Often, several items are considered during this portion of the agenda. Citizen comments are allowed during the public hearing portion of the agenda, but not during the public meeting portion.

Public hearings for other county boards and panels, such as the Clark County Planning Commission, follow the same type of public hearing process.

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