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Driver License Restoration Program

Do you want your driver license reinstated? We might be able to help.

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  • IF you live in the State of Washington or the Portland Metro area you are REQUIRED to take the DWS Class no exceptions to include signing Last Chance Agreement.

  • If you live OUTSIDE the State of Washington or the Portland Metro Area you need to call Alliance One directly.  Alliance One will work with you to set a payment plan to get your license reinstated.  You can reach Alliance One at 1-800-456-8838.  There is no guarantee your license will reinstate, if you have additional holds you must clear them first by calling Washington Department of Licensing-Olympia 360-902-3900.

  • All clients attending the DWS class that are not fluent in English must bring their own interpreter (family, friend etc.).  Failure to do so will result in having to pay to reschedule for another DWS class.

Clark County’s Drivers License Restoration Program helps suspended drivers become legally licensed as rapidly as possible. Cost to attend the class is $75. This must be paid prior to signing up for the class.

Fees can be paid in person by cash, check, money order or credit/debit card at Clark County District Court, 1200 Franklin Street, Vancouver, WA 98660, they can be mailed to: Clark County District Court, P.O. Box 9806, Vancouver, WA 98666-8806, on the Web at, or by phone at 866-923-8236 (you will need your ZZ number). 

Prior to mailing your payment, paying on the web or by phone, call District Court at (360) 397-2424 to confirm a class date and ask for your ZZ number.

DWS Class Location
8101 NE 117th Ave

Vancouver, WA 98662

  • Any clients that have additional holds on their driver's license in relation to alcohol and/or drugs will be required to stay after the class. 

You should not sign up for this class if the following is true:

Child support owed - You are suspended for failure to pay child support. You must first contact your child support enforcement officer to work out a payment plan to clear the hold on your license.  When verified child support is clear call District Court (360-397-2424) to pay and schedule the DWS class. 

Washington State Department of Child Enforcement
Vancouver Office – (800) 345-9984
Olympia Office – (800) 457-6202

Unpaid tickets out of county and out of state will be explained in the DWS class.  These tickets may be with Alliance One, will be a separate payment plan and not included in the privilege of the DWS program.  Out of state tickets will take more time to clear.

Oregon DMV – North Portland Office

(503) 299-9999

Washington DOL - Vancouver DMV

(360) 576-6060

Clark County District Court

(360) 397-2424

Skamania County District Court

(509) 427-3780

Klickitat County District Court

(509) 773-3776

Cowlitz County District Court

(360) 577-3073

Lewis County District Court

(360) 740-1203

Pierce County District Court

(253) 798-7487

King County District Court

(206) 205-9200

Yakima County District Court

(509) 574-1801


Owe under $500 in Clark County only - If you only owe for unpaid tickets/FTA in Clark County and it is less than $500 you can fix this problem alone without having to pay for the DWS class and save the $75 fee.

Contact District Court at (360) 397-2424. If you have already been sent to collections, contact the collection agency, Alliance One, at 1-800-456-8838. We do make exceptions for some people who owe less than $500 – you must talk to the manager of the Corrections Education Program. 

You are not to attend the DWS Class under the influence of alcohol and/or other drugs. Only paying client is allowed in the class. Staff reserves the right to deny admission to any of the above without a refund to any person.


Clark County District Court - Corrections Division: Rafaela Selga, District Court Administrator
Street Address: 707 West 13th Street, Vancouver, WA 98660-2809
Main phone: (360) 397-2424 | FAX: (360) 397-6013

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