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Community Development

Forms and fees


Business building and remodeling
Some business construction projects may be eligible for fee waivers. Learn more.

Building permit applications and fees must be hand delivered to our Permit Center. Call (360) 397-2375 ext. 4807 or email to schedule an appointment.

All forms are PDF files unless noted otherwise.

Commercial construction

Form Revised date
Agricultural buildings 05/01/12
Application and applicant’s agreement for service fees and TIF waiver 03/26/14
Application for commercial building permit
- Permit extension
Code summary requirements and worksheet for new construction 07/01/13
Commercial Permit Categories
- Business Name Change Only Affidavit
Commercial submittal checklist
- Deferred submittals
Demolition permit 05/29/15
Erosion control plan
Erosion control log
Fabricator approval 10/01/08
Re-roofing permit 08/19/14
Re-siding permit 08/19/14
Sign permit 10/03/13
Special inspection and testing 10/01/08
Structural design criteria - commercial 8/16/13
Tenant improvements
- Information
- Checklist
See also Commercial Permit Categories
Window replacement permit 08/19/14

Energy efficiency

Air leakage testing
Duct leakage affidavit for existing construction
Duct leakage affidavit for new construction
Duct testing standards
Getting to know your ventilation system
Whole house ventilation
- For houses built after 1990
- For houses built after 2010

Heating, cooling and plumbing

Form Revised date
Mechanical application - heating and cooling 6/20/13
Plumbing application 08/05/13


Trade permits - set of ten for contractors

Form Revised date
Mechanical (LTD) 09/01/10
Roofing, siding, and window replacement (RSW) 08/22/13


Manufactured and mobile homes

Form Revised date
Frequently asked questions 02/21/13
Manufactured home storage 02/16/12
Mobile home submittal packet 05/18/15
Mobile home hardship submittal packet
- Renewal
Mobile home park submittal packet 05/18/15
Removal of temporary dwelling affidavit 01/19/12
Road approach 02/16/12
Sewer waiver 04/13/12
Title elimination 05/18/15
Typical inspections 03/18/15

Residential construction

Form Revised date
Adult Family Home 07/17/13
Agricultural buildings 05/01/12
Application and submittal checklist
- Permit extension
- Permit information
- Permit submittal stacking order
Construction guide 07/01/13
Demolition permit 05/29/15

Energy Code
Prescriptive Worksheet
Glazing schedule (XLS)
WSEC plan sheet

Erosion control plan
Erosion control log
- Impact fees for single-family residential construction


Garden sheds 05/06/15
Gazebos 05/06/15
Manufactured home storage 02/16/12
Minor residential project
-Garage, carport, patio cover, deck, minor repair
Plan review general requirements 05/07/15
Play structures 09/27/11
Re-roofing permit 08/19/14
Re-siding permit 08/19/14
Road approach 02/16/12
Setbacks 05/6/13
Sewer waiver 04/13/12

Stormwater Plan Applications and Best Management Practices
- Information regarding permits affected by injunction on stormwater compliance
- Residential Stormwater Plan Application
- BMP C101 - Preserving Natural Vegetation
- BMP C102 - Buffer Zones
- BMP C103 - High Visibility Plastic or Metal Fence
- BMP C105 - Stabilized Construction Entrance
- BMP C120 - Temporary and Permanent Seeding
- BMP C121 - Mulching
- BMP C122 - Nets and Blankets
- BMP C123 - Plastic Covering
- BMP C207 - Check Dams
- BMP C220 - Storm Drain Inlet Protection
- BMP C233 - Silt Fence
- BMP C234 - Vegetated Strip
- BMP C235 - Straw Wattles for Erosion Control
- BMP T5.10 - Downspout Dispersion
- BMP T5.12 - Sheetflow / Driveway Dispersion
- BMP T5.13 - Soil Amendment
- BMP T5.14 - Rain Gardens
- BMP T5.30 - Full Dispersion











Structural design information 03/31/14
Typical inspections 02/26/14
Window replacement permit 08/19/14
Woodstove permit 07/01/13


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