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Community Development

Land use

Unified Development Code, Title 40

The full text of Title 40 contains all regulations relating to property development in unincorporated Clark County. The code is one of the main tools used to implement the Clark County Comprehensive Plan. The plan and code are periodically amended to reflect changes in federal and state laws and changes in county policy and direction.

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is "What is my zoning and what is allowed in it?" We have provided the following list of land use districts to assist you in your research.

Land Use Districts

  • 40.210 contains:
    • Agricultural-Wildlife District (AG-WL)
    • Forest and Agriculture Districts (FR-80, FR-40, AG-20)
    • Rural Districts (R)
    • Rural Center Commercial Districts (CR-1, CR-2)
    • Rural Center Residential Districts (RC-1, RC-2.5)
    • Urban Reserve Districts (UR-10, UR-20)
  • 40.220 contains:
    • Single-Family Residential Districts (R1-7.5, R1-10, R1-20)
    • Single-Family Residential Districts (R1-6, R1-5)
    • Residential Districts (R-12, R-18, R-22, R-30, R-43)
    • Office Residential (OR-15, OR-18, OR-22, OR-30, OR-43)
  • 40.230 contains:
    • Urban Holding Districts (UH-5, UH-10, UH-20)
    • Commercial Districts (C-2,C-3, GC)
    • Office Campus District (OC)
    • Business Park District (BP)
    • Airport District (A)
    • University District (U)
    • Mixed Use District (MX)
  • 40.230.085 Industrial contains:
    • Industrial Districts (IL, IH)
  • 40.240 Columbia River National Scenic Area


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  • Title 40 - complete text
  • Biannual code update (PDF)
  • Code supplements - Supplements are available online within 10 business days. For printed updates, contact Code Publishing, Inc. at (800) 551-2633.
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