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Burnt Bridge Creek


Storm drain stenciling and marking

Child stenciling a storm drain"Dump no waste, drains to stream"

Many stormwater drains in our community are marked with this important message because stormwater drains lead directly or indirectly to streams and even the groundwater we drink. There are no filters in the stormwater drains to clean the water before it gets to the river.

Stenciling or adding markers next to storm drains help raise awareness about the link between the storm drain system and water quality. Pesticides and garden chemicals, soap from car washing, pet waste, and oil from cars all get washed off lawns and streets, down storm drains, and into our water.

Need a project for your club, neighborhood group, or classroom?

Storm drain marking may be just the project for you. Every year during the dry season, volunteers from schools, scout groups, community organizations, local businesses and churches help to stencil storm drains.

Many areas of the county have not been marked or need to be re-stenciled. You can choose an area to mark stormwater drains such as your neighborhood or business. Only roads that have speed limits under 25 miles per hour can be marked with this program, for safety reasons.

All the paint, stencils, and safety equipment are provided at no charge (if you need more, we will provide it). All you need is an area that needs marking, volunteers, and dry weather!

How to mark storm drains - watch this quick video to learn more.




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