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Planet Clark Emerald House

Emerald house SW view
Emerald house 3-D view
Emerald house West Street view

The Planet Clark Emerald House, formerly known as the Living Habitat House, is on schedule to be the first Emerald project in Clark County with reduced energy and water consumption, improved indoor air quality, and a lower impact on the environment. It will be built to the “Emerald” requirements of the National Association of Home Builders under their National Green Building Standard.

The 1,154 square foot home will be built on a 7,500 square foot lot located at 9717 NE 25th Ave., Vancouver.


  • Groundbreaking - October 2012
  • House completed - May 2013
  • Demonstration tours - Ongoing
  • Occupancy - 2013

Project benefits

The Planet Clark Emerald House will showcase new building techniques, Universal Access Design features that will meet the changing needs of homeowners as they age, low maintenance landscaping. The home will serve as a demonstration site to encourage local contractors and trade groups to use them in their building practices.

Once completed, the home will also provide sustainable, affordable housing for a single family in the NE Hazel Dell Neighborhood.

Sustainable features

The Emerald House will:

  • Use 60% less energy than an average house of the same size (440 kWh/month)
  • Use 70% less water than an average house of the same size (22 gallons per person/per day)
  • Manage 100% of pulluted storm runoff on site with native vegetation (zero runoff)

Other possible innovative features

  • Low impact development - rain gardens, native plants and pervious pavement
  • Structural insulated panels
  • Solar thermal hot water heater
  • Mono pitch roof with gutters on one side to collect rainwater into a cistern for irrigation or non-potable uses
  • Heat recovery ventilator - heat exchanger to provide fresh air and energy efficiency
  • High efficiency appliances and water heater
  • Central core plumbing system to get hot water to the faucet quickly without excess waste
  • Insulated hot water pipes to a minimum of R-4
  • Engineered parallel pipe (manifold) hot water distribution system to provide dedicated hot water pipes direct to faucet allowing smaller pipes and less wasted heat and water.

Who will live in the house?

The home will be sold to a family selected by Evergreen Habitat for Humanity, a nonprofit organization that provides stable, permanent housing to low-income families. Homeowners must meet income requirements and assist in the construction of the home.

Project partners

Clark County
Earth Advantage
Evergreen Habitat for Humanity
Form Studio
Greenstone Architecture
Neighborhood Associations of Clark County
Northwest Energy Efficiency Association
Quail Homes
Swiftsure Energy
Watershed Stewards - WSU-Clark County Extenstion

More information

Peter DuBois, program coordinator
Environmental Services
(360) 397-2121 ext. 4961

Planet Clark Emerald House fact sheet (PDF)

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