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About Neighborhood Associations

- Clark County Neighborhood Outreach Program
- Benefits of forming an associationneighborly
- How to get involved

If you don't already have a neighborhood association in your area, you may want to form one.

Talk with a few of your neighbors to see if they would like to assist with the formation of a new group. The Clark County Neighborhood Outreach Coordinator will guide you through the process. For more information, please contact the Public Information and Outreach Office at (360) 397-6012 ext. 2 or

Clark County Neighborhood Outreach Program

Clark County recognizes the value of neighborhood associations and working with residents to build community. Although Clark County has offered various services to neighborhoods since 1991, it established the Neighborhood Outreach Program in August 1996 to serve those living in unincorporated Clark County.

To receive services from the Neighborhood Outreach Program, associations must meet the following standards:

  • Define, with assistance from the county, boundaries of the association.
  • Adopt bylaws for the organization that meet administrative guidelines for the Neighborhood Outreach Program, and keep one copy on file with the county.
  • Maintain a current roster of board members and keep one copy on file with the county.
  • Hold at least one meeting per year.

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Benefits of forming an association

Your neighborhood association will receive a number of benefits by participating in the Clark County Neighborhood Outreach Program. They include:

Assistance with organizing* and building your neighborhood association, including labels and postage for three neighborhood association mailings per year, within your boundaries.

Online weekly updates, including items such as:

  • Meeting notifications of the Board of County Councilors, Planning Commission and any advisory board or commission whose decisions might affect the neighborhood.
  • County activities, projects or news events.
  • Special events throughout the county.
  • Opportunities for involvement in county projects and processes.

Free printing* of your monthly neighborhood newsletter and meeting flyers.

Posting of neighborhood association identification signs.* Four neighborhood signs are fabricated and installed around the association boundary.

An Clark County Sheriff's Office deputy* will be appointed as your neighborhood liaison. His or her mission is to provide assistance and answer questions. The deputy also can "keep an ear to the ground" regarding issues that might affect you, or help coordinate partnership projects with your organization and the county.

Low-cost mediation services from Community Mediation Services. Trained members will help resolve neighborhood conflicts such as barking dogs, harassment, vandalism and noise complaints.

Guest speakers for your neighborhood association meetings.

Neighborhood Watch, Crime Watch, Church Watch and other programs offered by the Clark County Sheriff's Office, such as Neighbors on Watch (NOW).

* Services exclusive to county neighborhood associations.

Some programs or services are subject to availability of resources.

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How to Get Involved

It is fun, easy and rewarding to participate in your local neighborhood association. Most groups advertise meeting times, dates and locations in the Neighbors section of The Columbian newspaper. Or, feel free to call your neighborhood association president and find out how you can get involved.

Volunteering to help can be as easy as delivering meeting notices and newsletters in your area, or helping to identify projects that can improve your community.

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Neighborhood Outreach Program Coordinator: Holly Gaya
Street Address: 1300 Franklin Street, 6th Floor, PO Box 5000, Vancouver, WA 98666-5000
Main phone: (360) 397-6012 ext. 2 | FAX: (360) 397-6015
Responsible Elected Official: Board of County Councilors

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