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Health care: low and no cost

Immunization is the single most important and effective way to prevent and control the spread of vaccine preventable diseases. In coordination with local partners, Clark County Public Health is working to help increase immunization rates across the lifespan in order to help keep our communities safe and healthy.   

For parents, the decision to immunize your child is an important one. Protect you and your family by keeping your immunizations up-to-date.

While Clark County Public Health no longer offers immunizations directly, we are happy to assist with connecting you with the services available in our area.

Where can I get immunized?

To get immunized, please contact your health care provider or one of the following:

  • Children and adults
    - SeaMar (360) 852-9070
  • Children only
    - Free Clinic (for uninsured) (360) 313-1390
  • Travel immunizations
    Many Clark county pharmacies offer travel immunizations including Yellow Fever. Call your local pharmacy or visit CDC for a list of Yellow Fever vaccination clinics by county in Washington State for more information.
  • Influenza
    Flu season can begin as early as October and last as late as May. While October or November are the best times to get vaccinated, you can receive your flu vaccine anytime of the year. Many clinics and pharmacies located in Clark County provide flu shots for children and adults. For more information contact your health care provider, pharmacy or visit the following for more information:

    For Business:

    The following providers offer on-site services for providing employee immunizations at your facility.

    • Adventist Health 1-505-251-6818
    • Maxim Health Systems 1-866-211-0001

    Please remember to bring your immunization records with you.

What vaccines do you or your child need?

The CDC Immunization Schedules break down the recommended vaccines by the age or age range when each vaccine or series of shots is recommended. This schedule will help you and your provider know what shots are due when for infants and children, pre-teens and teens, and even adults.

School and Child Care Immunization Exemptions

Washington state law now requires a licensed health care provider to sign a Certificate of Exemption for a parent or guardian wishing to exempt their child from school and child care immunization requirements. The signature verifies that the provider gave the parent or guardian information about the benefits and risks of immunization. A parent or guardian can also turn in a signed letter from a health care provider stating the same information. For more information see WA-DOH.

Immunization (information) (360) 397-8403 or email

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