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Public Health
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Dental health services
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Health care: low and no cost
Dental health services

With proper care, you can have healthy teeth throughout your life. Public Health's Oral Health Program provides services and information to help you keep a healthy smile and lower your risk of dental disease.

Medicaid and Low-cost care providers

View a list of Medicaid and low-cost care providers (PDF) who offer low fees or reduced fees based on income, or accept medical coupons. This list does not imply approval nor does omission imply disapproval.

ABCD Dental Program

The Access to Baby & Child Dentistry (ABCD) program offers preventive dental care for Medicaid–eligible children from birth through age five. The program emphasizes early enrollment and first visit to a dentist by age one.

Preventing tooth decay

There are a number of low-cost ways you can help prevent tooth decay.

Talk to your dentist about using sealants on your child’s teeth
Dental sealants are thin plastic-like materials painted on chewing surfaces of molars and premolars to "seal out" germs and food that cause decay and destroy teeth. Sealants are effective, safe, easy to apply, long-lasting and cost effective.

Deep Grooves sealed Tooth
Deep grooves in a molar trapping food. Most cavities occur in these narrow pits and grooves of newly erupted teeth. Sealant protecting tooth from decay.


Follow the Center for Disease Control’s fluoride recommendations
Fluoride is a natural mineral that is a safe and effective way to prevent tooth decay. CDC's fluoride recommendations.


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