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Public Health

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Report a public health concern

To report a public health concern or request an investigation, please select one:

Restaurant and foodborne illness

Septic system failure and surfacing sewage


Public pools, spas, and recreational beaches

Water wells

Hazardous waste

Mosquito Control service request

No Smoking law violation Inhalant Delivery System/Vaping Ordinance

Please provide the street address of the location of your concern. If your concern involved a food service establishment, store, or business, please provide the business name and address:

Name of property owner(s), if known:

Describe your concern in detail. Please indicate where the problem is on the property:

The following information is required. If we are unable to verify the location or confirm the public health threat we may need additional information from you.




Phone number: Cell phone number:




Other concerns

Air quality

Contact Southwest Washington Clean Air Agency at (360) 574-3058 or (800) 633-0709, or complete an online complaint form. Visit their Web site for information on lead, asbestos and outdoor burning.

Building, erosion control or nuisances such as junk, debris, auto hulk, and inoperable vehicles

Hazardous waste - spills creating an imminent danger to public health or the environment
Contact Washington State Department of Ecology Spill Response Team at (360) 407-6300.


Review Washington State Department of Health's Web site Got mold? Frequently asked questions about mold. Click here for further information on Public Health's complete mold packet.  If the dwelling is a rental unit, the Washington State Landlord/Tenant Law may be of assistance.

Mosquito abatement


Review Public Health's rodent fact sheet (PDF).

Related information
Spanish contact information

(360) 397-8000 ext. 7205

Russian contact information

(360) 397-8000 ext. 7214