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Hazardous waste

Public Health works with government agencies to investigate hazardous waste sites that pose a threat to public health and the environment.  Public Health also provides information to property owners to help with proper disposal or clean-up of hazardous waste.

What is hazardous waste?
Hazardous wastes include, but are not limited to, heavy metals, toxic chemicals, oil, gasoline, paints and solvents. Hazardous waste is any waste generated from the use of a product containing a hazardous or toxic material that, if misused or improperly disposed, can release contaminants that are potentially damaging to the environment and harmful to humans and other living organisms. 

Report a hazardous waste spill - Washington State Department of Ecology.

More information

Soil sampling at Marine Park (posted 5/23/12)

Public Health has closed off a small, lot-sized area of Marine Park in Vancouver because lead was found in the soil, probably resulting from the former WWII Kaiser Shipyard.

The city of Vancouver is having soil samples tested during the coming weeks. Public Health has posted warning signs, which will remain in place until the Department of Ecology determines that test results show that lead concentrations do not pose a threat to public health.

For more information on soil sampling and site cleanup, contact the Department of Ecology at (360) 407-6300. For more information about the effects of lead exposure, see

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