Defective Siding

If you believe that your property may be eligible for an adjustment to its assessed value because of defective siding, you may wish to submit a request to our office for evaluation.


  • The siding on the structure(s) must still be damaged at the time of application in order to be eligible for tax relief.
  • In cases where the siding is a composite siding, it was in installed between January 1, 1985 and January 1, 1996.  The structure’s actual age is used as the qualifying basis for determining the date of installation.
  • The siding is known to be defective and demonstrates signs of premature deterioration such as:  internal moisture content exceeds product specifications, rotting, cracking, swelling, dimpled nail impressions, fungal growth, fungal degradation, wax spots, folded or popped wafers.  Qualifying evidence for these criteria can be an inspection report generated by a certified siding inspector developed as part of a class action lawsuit settlement, physical inspection of the siding by an appraiser of the Clark County Assessor’s Office, or Defective Siding Affidavit with supporting evidence.
  • In cases where the siding is EIFS, no installation date criteria are required.  However, due to the complex nature of the analysis required to determine failure, only a signed inspection report generated by a EIFS siding specialist will be accepted as meeting the criteria for known defects.  The report must state the nature of the failure, the extent of the failure and the cost to cure the defects using like kind materials.
  • In all cases, as of January 1st of the current assessment year, the defective siding had not been replaced or repaired.
  • In all cases, the property owner has submitted an initial signed and properly completed Defective Siding Affidavit with supporting evidence to the Clark County Assessor’s Office.*

To Apply

  1. Complete a Defective Siding Affidavit
  2. Submit at least two (2) photographs of the structure's damaged areas
    The photographs should be taken with approximately six to ten feet distance between the structure and the camera to achieve the best clarity.  In order to calculate the adjustment correctly, a photo of the entire rear side of the structure must also be provided.  The owner may submit more than three photographs if necessary.
  3. Ensure the property identification number is on all documentation submitted with your affidavit
  4. Include any bids you may have received from licensed contractors to replace the damaged siding

In order to receive an assessed value adjustment due to defective siding, a Defective Siding Continuation Affidavit must be filed each subsequent year.

Mail your completed and signed affidavit along with copies of all required documentation to:

Clark County Assessor's Office
Siding Project Appraiser
PO Box 5000
Vancouver, WA 98666-5000

Help in Applying

If you prefer, you may contact us with your questions via email at We can also be reached by 564.397.2391, option 5, then 1, Monday through Friday, between the hours of 9:00am and 4:30pm.