A petition can be filed by:

  • A vulnerable adult who is a victim of:
    • Abandonment
    • Abuse (sexual, mental, physical)
    • Financial exploitation
    • Neglect
    • The threat of any of these
  • A legal guardian, legal fiduciary, the Department of Social and Health Services, or an “interested person” on behalf of the vulnerable adult

“Vulnerable adult” includes:

  • Someone who:
    • Is over 60 years old and without the functional, mental, or physical ability to care for him or herself
  • Someone who is 18 years or older and:
    • Was found incapacitated
    • Has a developmental disability
    • Has been admitted to a DSHS-licensed care facility or received in-home care from a provider under DSHS contract
    • Self directs at-home care from a compensated personal aide

The court will determine if the vulnerable adult is unable, due to incapacity, undue influence or duress, to protect his or her own interest.

The court will determine if a person has legal standing to file a petition on behalf of the vulnerable adult.

See the Washington State Legislature Statute here: RCW Chapter 74.34, Abuse of vulnerable adults