Application submittal and counter complete review


When you begin to put together your application submittal packet use your pre-application conference report and the application handout checklist as a guide.

The most important part of your pre-application report is this section.


Pay close attention to these gray sections. They outline required items, additional items, and exceptions.

Exceptions: Besides the list in your pre-app report, you may receive emails from staff about other items that will not be required. Any emails you receive from a planner, biologist, or engineer allowing an exception to a submittal requirement must be included in your application packet.

Timing your environmental applications

  • Habitat and wetland pre-determinations must be completed prior to submitting your preliminary application
  • Habitat and wetland permits can be submitted with your preliminary packet

Counter complete

When you bring your application submittal packet to the Permit Center a permit technician will review your materials for these items:

  • Cover sheet and table of contents
  • Application form
  • Application fee
  • Pre-application conference report
  • Developer's GIS packet
  • Narrative

Follow these tips:

  • Diligently follow the checklist in the application handout
  • Include staff email if an exception is not noted in pre-app report
  • Use a separate form for each application
  • Check for additional submittal requirements in pre-app report
  • Wetland and habitat predeterminations need to be completed before application submittal
  • Archeological pre-determination report is separate

Each project is different. Use your pre-application conference report in conjunction with the application handout submittal checklist for an efficient application submittal.

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