Fully Complete Training and Certification


Welcome to the "Fully Complete Training and Certification" program. This training will focus on two parts of the development review process: application submittal and fully complete review.

Development review process:

  • Pre-Application conference 
  • Application submittal
  • Fully complete review
  • Preliminary review 
  • Final construction and final site plan/land division
  • Building permits

Purpose of this training:

  • Assist with application submittal
  • Share information on "fully complete" requirements

Benefits of training:

  • "Fully complete" certification
  • Speedier application submittal - no wait for counter review
  • Expedite fully complete review - 14 days instead of 21

However if you receive three consecutive "not fully complete" determinations your certification will be revoked until you receive further training.

We will begin with application submittal and the counter complete review.