Please Note: This is not a complete listing of all Clark County employees.

Title Division Position Phone Number Email
Laura Henry-Slye Engineering and Construction Interim Real Property Services Section Supervisor 564.397.4777
Lee, Bonnie Clark County Council Public Disclosure and Claims Program Coordinator 564.397.4928
Lee, Dawn Community Housing and Development, Program Support 564.397.7811
Lentz, Temple Councilor, District1 564.397.2232
Lewis, Robert Judges Superior Court Judge, Department 9 (360) 397-2226
Lytle, Ericka Printing/Mailing Print Shop Office Assistant 564-397-2349
Majidi, Abdelmajid Administrative Services Manager 564.397.7819
Martino, Denise Administration, Administrative Assistant 564.397.7839
Matter, Joseph Youth House, Program Assistant 564.397.5227
McAnally, Joni Communications Specialist 564.397.4306
McCall, Marilee Neighborhood Outreach 564.397.2316
McConaughy, Trish Developmental Disabilities, Manager 564.397.7826
Medical Examiner (360) 397-8405
Medvigy, Gary Councilor, District 4 564.397.2232
Messinger, Rebecca Clerk to the Board 564.397.2232 ext. 4305
Mike Sallis Planner III 564.397.4544
Mueller, Lynn Contracts, Senior Management Analyst 564.397.7806
Murie, Michelle General Services Office Assistant 564-397-2337
Nichols, John Judges Superior Court Judge, Department 3 (360) 397-2260
Odell, Koni Purchasing Program Assistant 564-397-2323 x4007
Oliver Orjiako Director 564.397.4112
Olson, Julie Councilor, District 2 564.397.2232
Oman, Carl Road Maintenance and Safety Superintendent, Rural Roads 564.397.1621
Osler, Kelli E. Judges District Court Judge, Department 5 (360) 397-2198
Osterman, Cheri Developmental Disabilities, Office Assistant 564.397.7833
Page, Alissa Finance, Management Analyst 564.397.7808
Parcher, Kristen L. Judges District Court Judge, Department 1 (360) 397-2203
Parks Parks and Lands 78th Street Operations Center 564.397.2285
Paul, Ken Engineering and Construction County Surveyor 564.397.5130
Peters, Alice Council Administrative Assistant 564.397.4167
Pool, Bob Manager (360) 397-2002 x4654
Probate Clerk 360.397.2292
Prosecuting Attorney (360) 397-2261
Public Disclosure Requests (voicemail) (564) 397-2101
Public Health (360) 397-8000
Public Works (360) 397-6118
Qayoumi, Ahmad Administration and Finance Public Works Director/County Engineer 564.397.4358
Quiring, Eileen Council Chair 564.397.2232
Radford, Leigh Senior graphic designer 564.397.4848
Recording (360) 397-2208
Records Department (564) 397-2211
Redline, Tina Clark County Council Office Manager 564.397.4978
Ricci, Priscilla Purchasing Purchasing Program Coordinator 564-397-2323 x4001
Royce, Rebecca Community Housing and Development, Program Coordinator 564.397.7863
Rulli, James Judges Superior Court Judge, Department 7 (360) 397-6133
Sabug, Cherie Administration and Finance Senior Management Analyst, 78th Street Operations Center 564.397.1605
Salmon Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant Clean Water 564.397.2271
Sanow, Michelle Solid Waste and Environmental Education Solid Waste Green Schools Coordinator 564.397.7338
Saylor, Jeri Finance, Grant Accounting Specialist 564.397.7866
Schnabel, Jeff Clean Water Interim Clean Water Division Manager 564.397.4583
Schuster, Michelle Purchasing Senior Management Analyst 564-397-4118
Scott G. Weber County Clerk 360.397.2292
Scullion, Tom Financial Program Manager 564.397.4789
Shafar, Lindsey Senior Legislative Assistant 564.397.4157
Sharon Lumbantobing Planner II 564.397.4909
Sheriff (360) 397-2211
Sieler, DeDe Behavioral Health and Youth House, Manager 564.397.7823
Sleight, Chad E. Judges District Court Judge, Department 2 (360) 397-2198
Smith, Cyndi Behavioral Health, Office Assistant 564.397.7835
Snook, Janet Community Housing and Development, Office Assistant 564.397.7834
Sonja Wiser Program Assistant 564.397.4558
Stahnke, Daniel Judges Superior Court Judge, Department 1 (360) 397-2315
Superior Court (360) 397-2150
Superior Court Administration Administration 564.397.2150
Thompson, Chris Behavioral Health, Program Coordinator 564.397.5149
Torres, Michael Community Housing and Development, Manager 564.397.7801
Traffic Information (360) 397-2424
Traub, Willy Financial Program Manager 564.397.5044
Treasurer (564) 397-2252
Treglown, Ryan Finance, Management Analyst 564.397.7815
Vacant Road Maintenance and Safety Superintendent, Bridge/Culvert and Asphalt/Guardrail Program
Vacant Administration and Finance Public Works Deputy Director
Vehicle and Equipment Shops Fleet Services 78th Street Operations Center 564.397.2301
Veljacic, Bernard Judges Superior Court Judge, Department 5 (360) 397-2017
Wade, Kara Crisis, Manager 564.397.7686
Wade, Kristin Developmental Disabilities, Program Coordinator 564.397.7830
Waggoner, Tim Road Maintenance and Safety Superintendent, Specialty Services 564.397.1615
Walters, Rich Community Housing and Development, Housing Rehab Specialist 564.397.7843
Wedding Information (360) 397-2010
West Precinct (564) 397-6079
Weyhrauch, Alyssa Office Assistant II 564.397.5109
Whitley, Samantha Community Housing and Development, Program Coordinator 564.397.7842
Wilson, Susan Transportation Programming Section Supervisor 564.397.4330
Zimmerman, Darvin J. Judges District Court Judge, Department 3 (360) 397-2203
Zwetzig, Emily Budget Director 564.397.6097