Driver License Restoration Program

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Drivers License Restoration Inquiry (online form)


Clark County’s Drivers License Restoration Program helps suspended drivers become legally licensed as rapidly as possible. Cost to attend the class is $75. This must be paid prior to signing up for the class.

Fees can be paid in person by cash, check, money order or credit/debit card at:
Clark County District Court
1200 Franklin Street
Vancouver, WA 98660

Fees can be paid by check or money order and mailed to:
Clark County District Court
P.O. Box 9806
Vancouver, WA 98666-8806

Fees can also be paid by credit card online at:

PRIOR TO MAILING IN YOUR PAYMENT, PAYING ON THE WEB OR BY PHONE, CALL DISTRICT COURT PROBATON at (564) 397-2424 to check for available dates, get your ZZ number and instructions.

DWS Class Location:
8101 NE 117th Ave 
Vancouver, WA 98662

**Any clients that have additional holds on their driver's license in relation to alcohol and/or drugs will be required to stay after the class. 

You should not sign up for this class if the following is true:

Child support owed - You are suspended for failure to pay child support. You must first contact your child support enforcement officer to work out a payment plan to clear the hold on your license.  When verified child support is clear call District Court ((564) 397-2424) to pay and schedule the DWS class. 

Washington State Department of Child Enforcement
Vancouver Office – (800) 345-9984
Olympia Office – (800) 457-6202

Unpaid tickets out of county and out of state will be explained in the DWS class.  These tickets may be with Alliance One, will be a separate payment plan and not included in the privilege of the DWS program.  Out of state tickets will take more time to clear.

Oregon DMV – North Portland Office (503) 299-9999
Washington DOL - Vancouver DMV (360) 576-6060
Clark County District Court (564) 397-2424
Skamania County District Court (509) 427-3780
Klickitat County District Court (509) 773-3776
Cowlitz County District Court (360) 577-3073
Lewis County District Court (360) 740-1203
Pierce County District Court (253) 798-7487
King County District Court (206) 205-9200
Yakima County District Court (509) 574-1801


Contact District Court at (564) 397-2424 or use the online form. If you have already been sent to collections, contact the collection agency, Alliance One, at (800) 456-8838. We do make exceptions for some people who owe less than $500 – you must talk to the manager of the Probation Education Program. 

You are not to attend the DWS Class under the influence of alcohol and/or other drugs. Only paying client is allowed in the class. Staff reserves the right to deny admission to any of the above without a refund to any person.