Women Offender Services


Corrections Community Network for Women

Our Mission
The Clark County District Court Women's Program provides a gender-responsive range of evidence-based services to eligible female clients, who demonstrate a higher risk to re-offend without intervention in areas of criminogenic needs.

Our Vision
We will be a catalyst in forging a deep community commitment designed to reduce recidivism, increase the availability of services, and enhance the lives of women by promoting independence, growth, and self-efficacy.

Our Goals
Forge a deep community commitment to women's issues, bringing together a diverse group of agencies and resources to serve our clients.

  1. Actively explore training opportunities to equip staff to deal with gender specific issues.
  2. Develop classification, assessment, eligibility, and/or screening systems that are normed and validated on samples of women offenders.
  3. Use a formal case planning system to steer our work with clients.
  4. Measure and evaluate services to ensure we are consistently delivering effective, evidence-based programming.

Our Partners
The Corrections Community Network for Women (CCNW) is comprised of a broad cross-section of agencies that work with our clients. the oversight committee has the power to drive policy, secure funding, and give direction to women's services in Clark County. The dynamic staffing team consists of representatives from various agencies who can provide wrap-around services for our hardest-to-serve clients.