Clark County Law Library offers new civil lawsuit self-help kit

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The Clark County Law Library has a new Starting a Civil Lawsuit self-help kit available for purchase. The kit is part of a series of form kits that include instructions on various court filings.

This new kit includes forms and instructions to start a civil lawsuit in Superior Court against a person. It does not cover procedures after the initial filing and is not intended for District Court.

“The kits cost $15 which includes tax, we are selling them by mail while our office is closed,” said Law Librarian Maria Sosnowski. “Full cost is $27 including the kit, shipping and handling, credit card fee, and sales tax.”

To learn more about this kit and other self-help kits that are available, go to the self-help form kits page at on the Law Library website.

To order a kit, call and leave a message and contact information at 564.397.2268 or email to

Maria Sosnowski, Law Librarian 
Law Library