Communicable Disease

Where to find disease specific information:

Keep yourself healthy by learning about common communicable diseases, their symptoms and how to prevent them. Visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's website for disease-specific information. 

Communicable Disease Program Overview:

Preventing and controlling communicable diseases are core public health functions that protect our community and reduce the potential for illness and death among people of all ages. To do this, the Clark County Public Health Communicable Disease program works closely with our healthcare provider and community partners to:

  • Conduct surveillance for notifiable conditions
  • Investigate reported notifiable conditions.
  • Investigate communicable disease outbreaks and recommend control measures to mitigate further spread
  • Serve as a consultant and technical resource to our healthcare provider community
  • Build and manage partnerships with local and state authorities to effectively control the geographic spread of diseases

Data and reports:

For Clark County specific infectious disease data, visit our data and report page.