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Current Public Health Solicitations

Solicitations under $50,000 will be posted in our Bonfire Portal.

Immunization Outreach Consultant
Closes: November 29, 2020

For more information, contact:

Clark County Public Health
Grants and Contracts Team, E-mail
564.397.8226 or 564.397.8126


Public Health Procured Agreements

myInsight Electronic Health Record System Consultant
Canceled - 9/25/2020

RFQ 2020-1190 Backyard Certification
Columbia Land Trust - In Process

RFQ - Janitorial Services
Innovative Services NW - Contract

RFQ# 4702 Interpreter Services
Columbia Language Services - Contract

RFP# 733 ECO Consultant
FutureNet Group - Contract

RFQ# 4696 Infant MH Specialist Reflective Supervision
Veloni Consulting - Contract

RFP# 723 School Environmental Certification and Education
Washington Green Schools - Contract

RFQ# 4693 Positive Discipline Trainer for ACEs Workshops 
Sound Discipline - Contract

RFQ# 4687 Team Mediation Consultant
In Accord, Inc.  - Contract

RFP# 718 Program Transition Manager
David Heal - Contract

RFQ# 4670  Region IV Multi Casualty Incident Tabletop Exercise
Incident Knowledge Resources Inc. - Contract

RFQ# 4610 ACEs and Addiction Curriculum Development and Training Facilitation
Way Enough Decision and Coaching - Contract

RFQ# 4632 Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) Consultant 
b-Resilient - Contract

RFQ 4608 Professional Grant Writing Consultant
Tabitha Jensen - Contract

RFQ 4609 Coordinator for ACEs - Battle Ground
Curtis Miller - Contract

RFQ #4595 Infant MH Specialist for Reflective Supervision
Sandra Jaecksch - Contract 

RFQ#4522 Online Permitting
Accela - Contract

RFA# 4580 Ridgefield Complete Streets Resolution
Alta Planning + Design - Contract

RFA# 4572 Behavioral Economics Consultation
Zena Edwards - Contract

RFA# 4564 Development of the Complete Streets Policy
Oregon Public Health Institute - Contract

RFA# 4563 Development of Complete Streets -
Oregon Public Health Institute - Contract

RFA# 4559 Dental Services 
New Day Dental Clinic - Contract

RFQ# 4546 Vulnerable Populations
Strategic Learning Resources - Contract