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There are things we all need to be healthy and include:

  • access to safe
  • quality housing
  • access to nutritious food
  • access to high quality education
  • opportunities to be physically active

However, access to these things are not distributed evenly across our communities.  What neighborhood we live in, our family income, access to employment opportunities, and our experiences of trauma and discrimination all impact our ability to get the things we need to live our healthiest lives.  For example, living in a neighborhood with few or no food stores selling affordable, fresh food makes it challenging to prepare nutritious meals, especially on a limited budget.

Clark County Public Health works to ensure everyone has access to what they need to support good health, regardless of where they live, work and play. This means recognizing and accommodating specific needs in different communities because health is not one-size-fits-all.  We all have different circumstances that affect our health. Thinking the same approach to good health will work universally is like expecting everyone to be able to ride the same bike.

Bicycle equity

In these pages you will find data on key factors that drive our opportunity for good health in Clark County, such as housing, education, and income. We recognize that race is a social construct and is distinct from genetic ancestry or biology, and experiences of discrimination and systemic oppression are what drives unjust outcomes in health among minority groups.

Healthier CC InfoMap

Healthier Clark County InfoMap

The Healthier Clark County InfoMap offers a new way of learning about health issues and people impacted in Clark County through interactive maps, charts and graphs. The InfoMap includes nearly 50 maps of a variety of indicators of community health – including demographics, social determinants of health, maternal health, chronic disease, and behavioral health.

Health Assessment and Evaluation Support Request

The Health Assessment and Evaluation team at Clark County Public Health works to develop a comprehensive understanding of health in our community and translate data into action. Our team of epidemiologists and evaluators provide technical assistance to community partners on data collection, analysis, interpretation and dissemination.

If you are interested in a data consultation -- including requesting a data point, chart or graph not available on our web page, please complete and submit our Health Assessment and Evaluation Support RequestWe will respond in a timely manner.

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