Image of plastic bottles and tubs

Technically, all plastics can be recycled. All plastics ARE NOT recycled because there is not always a market for them.  Clark County DOES NOT use the recycling numbers printed on plastics as a guide for recycling. The numbers printed on plastic products refer to the chemical composition of that plastic. Each type of plastic has specific chemical and physical properties, but the number on the products does not indicate whether or not they are recyclable in Clark County.

What plastic products are recyclable?

Curbside Recycling

Plastic bottles, plastic tubs, plastic buckets (5 gal. or less) and nursery pots are the only products recyclable in your curbside recycling cart. 

Other Plastic Products

There is a common misconception that plastic bags can be recycled in your mixed recycling cart at home. DO NOT put plastic bags into the recycling cart. Putting plastic bags in your recycling cart can actually slow down the process of recycling materials.

This Video shows what happens to the recycling process when plastic bags enter the recycling stream at the transfer station.

Plastic Bags are recyclable, but not in your curbside recycling carts. Many grocery stores have containers to collect them; look for a plastic bag recycling container at your store the next time you visit.  There are also other recycling locations in Clark County for plastic bags and other plastic products not accepted curbside.

Block foam (Styrofoam) is also recyclable but must be bagged and brought to one of the block foam recyclers in our region or to a collection event. 

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