Residential Recycling Service

Curbside recycling service is available to all residents of Clark County. In some cities and urban growth areas, curbside recycling is mandatory. Recycling is picked up on the same day as garbage (self-haul garbage customers are given a recycling schedule). [blue cart] Residents are assigned a pick-up day when they sign up for garbage service.  Clark County residents have blue recycling carts for most recyclable materials and a separate bin for glass.

What goes in the blue cart:

  • Clean metal cans and metal lids
    Blue Bin Recycling Cart
  • Clean foil, pie plates, and trays
  • Empty aerosol cans
  • Newspapers, phone books, magazines, catalogs
  • Milk and juice cartons, drink boxes
  • Cereal and shoe boxes
  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Paper bags
  • Mail and envelopes
  • Office paper (staples and paper clips OK)

What DOESN'T go in the blue cart:

  • Food or liquid
  • No food soiled paper, napkins, paper towels
  • Paper cups, paper plates
  • Plastic bags or rubber bands
  • Plastic lids, plastic wrap, block foam
  • Hazardous chemical containers

Glass beside the cart:

Put glass in a separate bin beside the big blue recycling cart.

Glass Recycle Bin
  • Glass bottles and jars only
  • NO broken glass, lids, light bulbs, drinking glasses

Other materials on the side of the cart:

antifreeze and oil

Motor oil and antifreexe - must be in a clear one-gallon container with a screw on top





Household batteries should be placed in a clear plastic bag on the lid of the cart (not inside)

Recycle Batteries
Stay True to Blue

How does the recycling work?

For printable recycling instructions, download the Recycling Refresher.

Watch a video to learn how they are sorted and processed into new materials.

Recycling Done Right

What plastic products can I recycle?

Why can't I recycle plastic bags in my cart?