Resources for School Staff

Clark County students and school staff deserve and expect a healthy environment in which to learn and teach. Staff in the School Health and Safety Program work to ensure environmental standards for educational facilities are met. This work is done through plan review of new schools and remodels, placement of modular classrooms, responding to notifications by concerned members of the public and working with school representatives to identify health risks and opportunities for improvement. 

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Healthy classroom resources for teachers

More and more often teachers are taking on additional cleaning responsibilities as well as bringing in personal supplies for their classroom. Below are resources to ensure your classroom remains healthy for you and your students.

Indoor air quality

There is considerable evidence that supports a relationship between poor indoor air quality and impaired student learning and increased illness. Children spend between 80 and 85 percent of their time indoors, which includes about seven hours per day in school. Poor indoor air quality in schools is associated with increased student absenteeism and reduced student academic performance. (Washington State Department of Health)

Lead in school drinking water

Ensuring the safety of our community’s drinking water is a core public health value. While the risk of lead in school drinking water is low in Clark County, our department actively works with school districts as technical advisors on water sampling, identifying potential lead sources, assessing risk and informing parents if exposure has occurred.  The following resources are available on the Washington Department of Health website:

Washington State rules and resources

Clark County Public Health partners with ​ Washington State Department of Health, local school districts and community partners to ensure schools are safe and healthy for students and school staff.