School food service plan review

The School Health and Safety Program reviews food handling policy and procedures for new cafeterias, student stores or curriculum-based food services for all K-12 public, private and parochial schools in accordance with WAC 246-366-130 and 246-215.  This review is required for food handling that has not been previously reviewed and approved by Clark County Public Health.

School food self service line

How to submit for review

Prior to submitting for a plan review, please email the School Health and Safety program staff to confirm submission requirements. If required, please submit the application materials and required documents:

Electronic submissions:

Starting January 1st 2021, plan review applications can be accepted online. For online applications, email us to get the unique link to access our online permitting portal. For instructions on how to register for a profile, submit and make payments, review the Online Users Guide

Paper submissions:

Paper application materials, plans and payments can be submitted by mail at PO Box 9825 Vancouver, WA 98666. Paper application and submittal requirements are outlined in the application below:

Please note that in person submissions are currently not being accepted due to the COVID-19 safety precautions in place. Check back here for updates.  

    Plan review process

    The length of time for a review is dependent on the completeness of the application packet and prompt responses from the applicant(s).