Unwanted Medications

Image of medication bottles

Unwanted Medication Disposal

Safe disposal of unwanted medications, sharps and inhalers is important for the health of our families, community and environment. It is important to keep these substances out of our water. There are several options for safe medication disposal in Clark County.


MED-Project - Medication Collection and Disposal Program in Washington

Clark County Public Health has teamed up with the nonprofit MED-Project LLC to provide free disposal of expired, unwanted or unused medicine safely and conveniently. In Clark County, there are many drop-off sites residents can visit during business hours to disposed of unwanted medicine. If driving is not an option, medications can be mailed in after filling out the online form.

Find the nearest drop-off site: https://med-project.org/locations/washington/find-a-location/
Fill out the mail-in form online: https://med-project.org/locations/washington/mail-back-services/


Sharps and Inhalers