Canines for Clean Water

Clark County has over 110,000 dogs, of all shapes and sizes. Their poop adds up more than 13,000 tons per year! Pet waste left on the ground can be washed into storm drains that lead directly to our streams and wetlands. This waste carries harmful bacteria which can affect the health of aquatic wildlife, ourselves and our children.

Buddy's clean water tip

Taking a dip in your nearest lake, river, or stream is a fun summer activity. Help keep these places clean and safe for swimming and aquatic life, by scooping the poop, bagging it, and throwing it in the trash!

Take the pledge and receive a free Canines for Clean Water bandana! Email a photo of your dog in its new bandana to and win more fun and useful prizes.

We pledge to help protect our streams by:

  • Picking up after our pets
  • Keeping pets on-leash in wetlands and other sensitive areas
  • Avoiding contact with streams and wildlife
  • Spreading this important message to other dog owners in our community

More Information:

Canine for Clean Water - Posters and Resources
To request the following materials, please contact All items are free, but supplies are limited.

Canines for Clean Water - Talking To Neighbors About Pet Waste
We know that it can be difficult to talk to your neighbors about picking up after their pets. Canines for Clean Water can offer support for talking to your neighbors about picking up after their pets and connecting with other folks in your neighborhood who want to tackle the problem with you. Our goal is to make your community a safer place for your family, your pets, and the environment you live in.

Canines for Clean Water