Felida Community Park Children's Garden and Parking Lot


Felida Park consists of 7.2 acres of property located at 3814 NW 122nd Street, Vancouver, WA and serves as a regional park with soccer fields, walking paths, restrooms, a covered picnic area, play structures, a parking lot that provides over 100 parking spaces for visitors. The property is owned by Clark County and maintained by the Clark County Parks Department.   The project will consist of two components.  The first component is the development of a paved “overflow” parking lot which is anticipated to add an additional 37 parking spaces.  The parking lot will be located on a standalone parcel located just to the West of the main entrance into Felida Park off of NW 122nd Street.  The parcel was historically used for residential purposes.  Once the parcel was acquired by the County, the property was cleared in preparation for the parking lot.  The second component consists of the addition of a Children’s Celebration Garden Playground within the Felida Park.  The location is to the East of the covered picnic structure within an open area of grass.  The playground amenities are anticipated to include a rubberized play surface, benches, rock features, and various playground equipment designed for children of all abilities.  

The total budget identified for the project is $971,500 million.  The project is anticipated to be funded by Park Impact Fees (PIF) and donations from the Felida Neighborhood Associations. 

Design                       Summer 1999 – Spring 2021
Construction             Summer 2021       


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Felida Community Park Overflow Parking Lot
Felida Community Park Overflow Parking Lot Park Design

More information:
Scott Sawyer, project manager
Clark County Public Works


3798 NW 122nd St
Vancouver, WA 98685
United States

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