NE 119th St. & NE 152nd Ave. Intersection Improvements – CRP # 300222

NE 119th St. & NE 152nd Ave. Intersection Improvements


As a result of a number of severe accidents occurring within the last 10 years, including two fatalities, the intersection of Northeast 119th Street and Northeast 152nd Avenue was identified as a high priority intersection to incorporate engineering countermeasures to minimize the accidents occurring at this location.  The decision was made to replace the traffic signal currently in place with a roundabout with speed reducing chicanes on each leg.

This project will entail the removal of the existing traffic signal and illumination system and the construction of a single-lane roundabout with a new illumination system and pedestrian facilities.  The project will include design, engineering, survey, environmental documentation/permitting, storm drainage, ROW acquisition and construction.  All documents, engineering, plans and specifications will be completed in accordance with all applicable Federal, State and County standards.

The total budget identified for the project is $4.54 million.  The County received a grant from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) totaling $3.7 million for design and construction. 

Design:             Spring 2020 – Fall 2023
Construction:    Summer 2024

Heads Up July 2021 (PDF)

More information:
Scott Sawyer, Project Manager
Clark County Public Works