Jail Facilities and Staff

Corrections staff

The Command Staff consists of the Chief Deputy and 5 Commanders.  Each Commander has an assigned area of operation, responsibilities and rotation is at the Chief Deputy's discretion.

The Corrections staff consists of 129 Corrections Deputies, 18 Sergeants and 4 Support Staff.  The Main Jail Corrections staff positions include 6 squads for 3 separate shifts, 4 specialized units, and 5 specialized positions with a yearly or bi-yearly rotation.  The Jail Work Center Corrections staff positions include 4 squads for 2 separate shifts.

Corrections Deputies provide supervision, custody and care of inmates in the Clark County Jail facilities. Duties include booking (facility admissions), searching and releasing prisoners, monitoring jail access, courtroom security, transport of inmates, inmate classification, and work release.  They help in maintaining order in the day to day operation of the jail. It is not uncommon for staff to physically subdue a violent inmate and a day later try to protect that inmate from harming themselves.  

Corrections staff continues with honor and distinction in their dedication, patience and resourcefulness to operate safe and secure facilities. By the end of 2009, 32 custody staff positions were cut due to the budget deficit, making their responsibilities and duties very challenging.  Corrections specialized units, inmate programs, specialty courts, and other agency and community partnerships has eased the "do more with less" in daily operations, but the increasingly unpredictable inmate population still presents challenges and strains resources in safety and security of staff, visitors of the facility, inmates and themselves.

The Jail Work Center Operational staff consists of Corrections staff, 1 support staff, 1 Jail Industries Manager, 13 Food Service Coordinators, and 4 Industry staff.  It is a combined effort of the Jail Work Center operational staff and inmate workers to keep the facilities functioning and maintained.  The JWC provides food and laundry services to the three Clark County correctional facilities; Main Jail, JWC and Juvenile Detention.  


Clark County currently has two housing facilities. The Main Jail is in the Clark County Law Enforcement Center located in downtown Vancouver, next to the Courthouse and across the street from the Public Service Center building. The Jail Work Center is located on Lower River Road. As of April 11, 2020, the Jail Work Center is no longer used as housing.  

The population housed consists of individuals classified at minimum, medium and maximum security risk and are assigned a housing facility and area within the facility based on specific classification criteria.  The daily average population (ADP) for both facilities fluctuates yearly.  The highest ADP was in 2006 at 790 individuals.  The lowest ADP was in 2019 at 635 individuals.  While the ADP has dropped, the workload in the intake area is not impacted as the same people who would have been booked and housed, were booked and released and those who are housed are classified at a higher security risk.  As of March 2020, the ADP has increased to 660 individuals.  

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