The Clark County Sheriff's Office Warrant Division currently maintains around 12,000 felony and misdemeanor warrants. Our staff includes two Warrant Deputies and four Warrant Officers who process, enter and provide information to Law Enforcement personnel throughout the United States on Clark County wanted subjects. We also take care of maintaining proper holds, paperwork and transport of subjects wanted by Clark County but arrested outside of Clark County. Currently we have about 300 subjects wanted by Clark County that are in other agencies, being processed on local charges, serving time or waiting extradition proceedings. Once the subject is available to Clark County, the Warrant Division co-ordinates transport back to Clark County. A regional Transport System can be used, or Deputies are sent to pick up the subject.

The Warrant Division also maintains holds and co-ordination of paperwork on subjects wanted by other States that are lodged in the Clark County Jail. We work closely with the Jail, the Jail Transport Unit, the Prosecuting Attorney's Office and other Law Enforcement Agencies, as well as the Law Enforcement Officers of our community. We also request and appreciate the assistance the community provides on helping us to locate wanted subjects.

To provide information on a wanted subject, call the Warrant Division at 564.397.2397 (option 3 on the Voice Mail System).