Jury Process

Jury Summons

When you receive a Jury Summons, please keep the Jury Summons for your first day of service. You should fill out the Juror Questionnaire online.   If you complete the questionnaire in writing, fold, tape and return to the Jury Administration office as soon as possible.

For additional information on the jury duty process, please refer to the Juror Information page and/or the FAQs page.

Service Term

Your service term is for one week or one trial – most trials last an average of three days, but occasionally they extend beyond one week. You are expected to be available the entire week of your term date. Once selected to go to a courtroom with a group of jurors to begin the selection process for that trial, the judge will inform the jurors of the expected length of that trial. If not selected for that trial, you will be asked to return to the Jury Assembly Room and you may be returned to the jury pool or selected for another trial.

Voir Dire

Otherwise known as the jury selection process. A jury panel is a group of jurors from the jury pool who are randomly selected by the computer. Each member of the panel is given a number badge and sent to the courtroom to begin voir dire. The judge, prosecutor/plaintiff's attorney or defense/respondent's attorney will ask a series of questions to jurors, which helps select the panel for that trial.

Empaneled Jurors

Once selected to serve on a trial, the Court is counting on each juror to be there every day until a verdict is reached and the judge releases you. You must not discuss the case with anyone once you are sworn on the case. You must not research the laws, history of the case, blog, or post on any form of social media - as doing so could lead to a mistrial.

Daily Schedule

Lunch breaks are taken each day. Fifteen-minute breaks are taken mid-morning and mid-afternoon. Oftentimes, judges have other matters to attend to at 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. before the jury is brought back into the courtroom. Jurors are sometimes also excused to the jury rooms adjacent to the courtroom if issues must be discussed/decided outside the jurors’ presence. You can expect to serve each day until approximately 4:30 p.m. Once a juror is empaneled on a trial, you are instructed to report as directed by the judge.