Real Property Accounts


Property Owners with a Past Due Real Property Account

Past due (delinquent) property taxes on real property accounts which are three (3) or more years delinquent, are subject to foreclosure. To remove (redeem) a property after foreclosure proceedings begin, all outstanding taxes, interest, penalties, recording, and foreclosure costs must be paid in full RCW 84.64 before the scheduled foreclosure auction date.

If a real property account is currently at risk of Foreclose in the current tax year, the property owner has until February of the following year to redeem the parcel.

For Real Property Accounts who are not currently at risk of foreclosure but are experiencing financial hardship, please review the options available on the Tax Relief tab and contact our office at 564.397.2252.

Throughout the foreclosure process communications and tax statements (bills) are sent by mail to the address on record, so it is important all contact information associated with a property account is accurate. To check the accuracy of the county records, the public can visit the Property Information Center. If the mailing address is not accurate, important notices will be missed. To updated a mailing address submit this form to the Assessor’s Office.

Below is a general process for properties at-risk of tax foreclosure in the current year:

  • Mailing of Foreclosure Courtesy Notices
  • Filing of the Certificate of Delinquency
  • Filing of the Amended Certificate of Delinquency
  • Foreclosure properties published in The Columbian
  • Foreclosure properties will be published online at the Clark County website and BID4ASSETS
  • Foreclosure hearing with Supreme Court
  • Foreclosure auction

For those facing tax foreclosure or need to discuss an account, please contact our office at 564.397.2252.