Please Note: This is not a complete listing of all Clark County employees.

Title Division Position Phone Number Email
Accounting/LFO Payments 564.397.2287
Administration/Headquarters (564) 397-2366
Appeals Clerk 564.397.2292
Assessor's Office 564.397.2391
Auditor 564.397.2241
Auto Licensing 564.397.2288
Baine Wilson Chief Deputy Clerk 564.397.2292
Banfield, Camara Judges Superior Court Judge, Department 5 (564) 397-2017
Bart Catching Planner II 564.397.4909
Bartlett, Abigail E. District Court District Court Commissioner 564.397.2199
Baum, Matthew Parks and Lands Parks Maintenance and Operations 564.397.1657
Bennett, Tyler Fleet Services Fleet Services Division Manager 564.397.1637
Besancon, John Engineering and Construction County Surveyor 564.397.5130
Board of County Councilors 564.397.2232
Board of Equalization 564.397.2337
Boman, Lisa Senior Budget & Policy Analyst 564.397.4389
Breitenbauch, Thomas Program Coordinator 564.397.7837
Budget Office 564.397.6097
Buescher, Patricia Developmental Disabilities, Manager 564.397.7826
Capson, Travis Clean Water Wastewater Operations Manager, Salmon Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant 564.397.7013
Carin Schienberg Judges Commissioner (564) 397-2201
Carle, Chris Transportation Programming Section Supervisor 564.397.4523
Carstens, Jay Contracts, Management Analyst 564.397.7816
Cavasos, Debi Purchasing Purchasing Assistant Buyer 564.397.2323 x4004
Civil Department (564) 397-2225
Civil Information District Court 564.397.2060
Clark, Suzan Judges Superior Court Judge, Department 8 (564) 397-2068
Clark/Vancouver Television (CVTV) 360.696.8235
Clean Water Clean Water 564.397.4345
Clerk 564.397.2292
Community Development 564.397.2375
Community Planning 564.397.2280
Community Services 564.397.2130
Cornell, Tsering D. Judges Superior Court Judge, Department 10 (564) 397-2170
Court Clerks Office Administration (564) 397-2292
CRESA 360.737.1911
Criminal Department 564.397.2295
Cumberbatch, Trudi Developmental Disabilities, Office Assistant 564.397.7846
Davis, Brent Clean Water Interim Clean Water Division Manager 564.397.4152
de Guzman, Camilo Behavioral Health, Program Coordinator 564.397.7882
District Court District Court 564.397.2424
Drug Task Force Public Line (360) 397-6017
Eiesland, Nick Road Maintenance and Safety Superintendent, Bridge/Culvert 564.397.1629
Elections 564.397.2345
Elections 564.397.2345
Endangered Species Act Program 564.397.2022
Ensminger, Sheila Administration and Finance Office Manager, 78th Street Operations Center 564.397.1684
Family Court Information Administration (564) 397-2326
Fisher, Brad Engineering and Construction Construction Section Supervisor 564.397.4017
Foster, Laurie Accounting Manager 564.397.4703
Garber, Cathie Auditor, Elections Office Supervisor 564.397.5179
Garber, Cathie Elections Supervisor 564.397.5179
Gary Albrecht Planner III 564.397.4318
Gassaway, Mark Finance Director 564.397.4839
Gaston, Vanessa Department of Community Services, Director 564.397.7821
General Services 564.397.2323
Geographic Information System (GIS) 564.397.2002
George, Todd N. District Court District Court Commissioner 564.397.2198
Gomez, Angela Developmental Disabilities, Coordinator 564.397.7825
Gonzales, Gregory Judges Superior Court Judge, Department 4 (564) 397-2354
Green, Alaina Youth House, Program Coordinator 564.397.5841
Gregerson, David Judges Superior Court Judge, Department 2 (564) 397-2248
Hagensen, John P. District Court District Court Judge, Department 6 564.397.2199
Harrison, Erik Parks and Lands Special Property Management Services 360.635.3890
Henriksen, Kris Youth House, Program Coordinator 564.397.5199
Hill, Elizabeth Youth House, Program Coordinator 564.397.5133
Hills, Rhonda Finance, Management Analyst 564.397.7836
Houston, Rocky Parks and Lands Parks and Lands Manager 564.397.1676
Huffman, Charlene Recording Manager 564.397.4791
Human Resources 564.397.2456
Information Services (Technology Services) 564.397.6121
Interpreter District Court Interpreter Coordinator 564.397.6105
Jacqui Kamp Program Manager II 564.397.4913
Jail (564) 397-2211
Jenna Kay Planner III 564.397.4968
Jose Alvarez Planner III 564.397.4898
Juror Recorded Information (564) 397-2400
Jury Administration Administration (564) 397-2049
Juvenile Clerk's Office 564.397.2073
Juvenile Court 564.397.2201
Katherine Wolf Senior Budget & Policy Analyst 564.397.4341
Kimsey, Greg Auditor 564.397.2078
Klug, Bruce Engineering and Construction Interim Engineering and Design Section Supervisor 564.397.4835
Klug, Rob Transportation Traffic Engineering and Operations Section Supervisor 564.397.4356
Koval, Alex DD Program, Office Aide 564.397.7829
Lader, Ken Public Works Director 564.397.4185
Lader, Ken County Engineer 564.397.4185
Landry, Beth Community Housing and Development Coordinator 564.397.7832
Langsdorf, Sonya L. District Court District Court Judge, Department 4 564.397.2199
Langston, Emily Community Housing and Development, Program Coordinator 564.397.7842
Larisa Sidorov Office Assistant II 564.397.4958
Larson, Sandi Printing/Mailing Mail Room Office Assistant 564-397-6006
Laura Henry-Slye Engineering and Construction Real Property Services Section Supervisor 564.397.4777
Law Library 564.397.2268
Lee, Bonnie Clark County Council Public Disclosure and Claims Program Coordinator 564.397.4928
Lee, Dawn Community Housing and Development, Program Support 564.397.7811
Lentz, Temple Councilor, District1 564.397.2232
Lewis, Robert Judges Superior Court Judge, Department 9 (564) 397-2226
Lipscomb, Josh Road Maintenance and Safety Road Maintenance and Safety Division Manager 564.397.1626
Lytle, Ericka Printing/Mailing Print Shop Office Assistant 564-397-2349