Building access safety

The following is in effect for all visitors to the Jail:

Jail Lobby hours of operation are Monday-Friday 8 -11:45 am and 12:45-4:30 pm. Closed on holidays.

All individuals are to practice social distancing while in the building. In the public areas of the building employees/visitors may wear face masks, if they prefer. Wearing masks is not required.

All professional visitors, while in the secured area of our facility, may wear a face mask.

All personal inmate visiting will be limited to online. At the Main Jail one (1) person may visit in the jail’s available lobby kiosks. For at home use, contact:

All Commissary and Telephone Kiosk access to place funds in an inmate’s account are available during Main Jail Lobby hours using. ​

All District Court Out of Custody Reporting for Sentences still need to report to the jail. Paperwork documenting timely reporting will be processed and then the report date will be changed per District Court orders.

Inmate Public Records

NOTE: Only inmate information included on the Jail Register is open to the public.  All other Inmate records are confidential and protected under RCW 70.48.100(2)(g) only releasable upon written permission of the person.  Inmates previous and current can have access to their OWN records upon request.

TRANSFORM reflects the following correctional management approaches:

Treatment - includes screening at time of arrest for possible diversion, jail intake, transition, and discharge planning
Re-entry - includes discharge program tailored to each individual
Accountability - compliant with local, state, federal and constitutional laws
Networking - building partnerships with our diverse community
Safety - safeguarding the community, staff, and inmates
Fiscal Prudence - financially responsible operation of the jail
Organization - being responsive to meet the needs of the mission statement
Respect - respect for all members of our community; citizens, staff, and inmates
Mission - all policies, procedures, practices, and strategies will be tied into the corrections mission

The vision of TRANSFORM will be accomplished through the major program components of Pre-Release Programming, Transition Planning and Post Release Follow-up. Absent an inmate's choice to participate in a Reentry program, they will be housed in a safe environment, provided basic human services equal to or exceeding constitutional requirements, depending on the direction of the Clark County Sheriff, and community expectations and standards.

Jail Services Mission Statement

Our mission is to promote and maintain public safety through effective correctional and reentry practices. 

It is our vision to help inmates successfully re-enter our community, through a comprehensive level of supervision and care by following the elements of TRANSFORM.


Inmates of Clark County jail participating in group job counseling

Re-entry Program jail inmates working outside.


Jail Services connects people released from jail with community resources to reduce recidivism and promote healthier outcomes and safer communities in our county. The Re-entry Program has proven to be very successful for former inmates . 


Partnerships with law enforcement agencies, various courts, the Sheriff's Office, specialized units within Jail Services and staff work together to provide safety and security of the facilities for staff, visitors and individuals in custody.