Building inspections


Inspectors ensure that structures and plumbing and mechanical systems are built according to approved plans and are properly located on a parcel.

Inspections are generally conducted between 8:30 am and 4 pm Monday through Friday. We do not have morning or afternoon scheduling, nor do we do inspections by appointment. Inspection timing is based on geographic routing to provide the best overall service levels.

This form is no longer required to schedule an inspection, but does contain important information: COVID-19 Building Inspection Request Form (PDF) 

​​In an abundance of caution due to concerns regarding the COVID-19 virus, Building Safety has made the following changes to inspections:

  • Inspectors require a 24-foot social distance separation and new homes/structures must be vacated during inspection.
  • Inspectors are doing as many inspections as are appropriate by Sherlook video inspections; re-inspections, less complex inspections, etc. 
  • Inspectors will not enter occupied homes – these inspections must be done via Sherlook video inspection.
  • All “push-pull” and repair mechanical and plumbing inspections must be done by the installer (not the homeowner) via Sherlook at the time of installation.
  • All conversations with the inspector must be done over the phone – it can be on-site before they depart, but the inspectors are instructed to be in their vehicle or at the distances/conditions above.
  • We no longer do same-day concrete pour inspections. 
  • The inspectors have also been instructed to manage their own risks and make decisions accordingly – if they are not comfortable they will attempt to make it known, but can decide to not proceed or to suspend an inspection.

Mechanical and plumbing inspections

We require ALL "push-pull" and permitted repair work for mechanical and plumbing installations to be inspected upon completion by the installer on-site via our Sherlook remote video inspection service.  

Due to the current health crisis, inspectors are not performing inspections in occupied homes. In normal times, scheduling these inspections is often left to the homeowner which is inefficient. Having the tech on-site allows them to make corrections immediately. We have had remote inspections since 2012 and are now moving to utilize it on a wider basis when it is viable. There will be some times when an inspection cannot be completed by video inspection and in that case a regular site inspection will need to be scheduled.

To request a Sherlook inspection one can call their inspector, call the Sherlook request line at 564.397.2069, or email The web based application allows an inspector to initiate a Sherlook inspection by sending a text to the customer with a web link. When the customer opens the web link they are then connected to the inspector automatically (they are prompted to allow camera, audio, location). We are also able to use Facetime and Skype applications. If a contractor is at a location with WiFi, it is best if they can get a log-in or use a community WiFi for best connection.

Note: An INS-100 Pre-Construction Erosion inspection must be scheduled and performed PRIOR to scheduling a Footing Steel (110) and/or Zoning Setback (130) inspection. This applies to these permit types: ADS, CEL, CMN, MFR, MBH, NHC and ACC for garage, shed, or shop. Upon re-inspection, failure to comply with the first correction notice will result in a fee of $148. Failure to comply with subsequent re-inspections will result in a $296 fee each.

Inspection requests

Note: No building inspections will be performed on Thursday, November 10 due to mandatory staff training. We apologize for this inconvenience.  

You may request an inspection online or by phone. Inspection requests must be made by 10 pm the day before the requested inspection. Next day inspections are not guaranteed. 

Remote Video Inspections - We require remote video inspections on some residential plumbing and mechanical inspections, however, there are many other residential inspections we can do using remote video. Find out more about remote video inspections, including how to schedule one. 

Phone - Our IVR system is available for scheduling inspections for CC LMS only. For permit types and inspection codes, use our step-by-step IVR Guide for CC LMS. To request an inspection by phone, call 564.397.2477 and provide the following:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Permit/Case number
  • Inspection code listed on your permit
  • A short message for your inspector, if necessary

Online - Use the table below to determine which online inspection request system you should use. 

CC LMS Tidemark

Request an inspection
Use this guide for instructions

Request an inspection
IVR Guide  

Building permits

ACC Accessory Structure
ADS Additional Dwelling Space
ARS Alteration/Repair/Specialty
CEL Cell Tower
CME Commercial Existing
CMN Commercial New
DEM Demolition
FRT Fence/Retaining Wall
IVB Building Investigation
MBH Mobile Home
MCH Mechanical
MFM Multi-Family Residential
MIS Miscellaneous
NHC New Home Construction
PLM Plumbing
RSW Roofing/Siding/Windows
SOL Solar Panels

Building permits

BSN Building Only Sign Permit
COM Commercial Building Permit
DMO Demolition Permit
MEC Mechanical Permit
MFR Multi-family Permit
MOH Mobile Home Placement Permit
MSC Miscellaneous Building Review
PCK Single Family Plan Review Only
PLB Plumbing Permit
RES Residential Addition/Alteration Permit
ROW Right of Way/Road Cut Permit
SFR Single Family Residence and Duplex – New

Alternative inspection services

Sherlook: Video inspections for some types of inspections are available through our Remote Video Inspection service. Contact us at or call 564.397.2069 to see if your project qualifies.

Tik Tok: Appointments for inspections are available through our Tik Tok program. Contact us at or call 564.397.2069 to see if your project qualifies.

Status and results

You may contact your inspector after 9 am for an approximate inspection time. We try to complete all requested inspections daily, but this is not always possible.

Visit our Permit Status page to see the status of your permit and inspection information.


Use this map to determine the inspector for your area.

To contact your inspector, call 564.397.4912.