Solid Waste (Garbage)

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Public Health monitors permitted landfills, transfer stations, and composting and recycling facilities to make sure they comply with state and local regulations. Public Health also responds to solid waste disposal concerns and works with other agencies to clean-up illegal dumping sites.

What is solid waste? 

Solid waste is household garbage, yard debris (leaves, weeds, prunings, grass clippings, brush and woody materials), and demolition and construction debris (old lumber, pallets, roofing, and so on).

Solid Waste Enforcement Proposed Code Revision

Clark County Code for Solid Waste Enforcement received its last full review roughly 30 years ago. Clark County Public Health staff have worked to update language, titles and responsibilities, references, define and clarify standards, and propose policy changes that are in the interest of the environment and public health. We are now accepting public comment on proposed changes.

Comments will be accepted through Friday December 31st, 2021.

To submit comment on the proposed changes: