Swim beach monitoring

Planning a trip to a local lake? Be sure to check for water quality advisories first. Public Health monitors water quality at designated swim beaches throughout the summer to determine if the water is safe for swimming and recreation.

Routine water samples are collected from Vancouver Lake, Klineline Pond and Battle Ground Lake to test for bacterial contaminants. Water samples are also collected from waterbodies with harmful algal blooms to determine if toxins are present. Advisories are posted if water is unsafe for swimming and recreation. Visit the Current advisories webpage for the latest information.

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Life jackets can save lives! Be sure to wear a life jacket if you’re swimming in lakes, rivers or the ocean. Children should always wear life jackets. Inflatable toys do not keep children safe. Find more swim safety tips here.

Wildfire smoke

Breathing smoke from wildfires isn’t healthy for anyone. But some people, such as children, older adults, pregnant people and people with heart and lung conditions, are more likely to have health problems when the air quality isn’t good.

Visit the Smoke from wildfires webpage to learn more about how wildfire impacts health, how to prepare for smoky days, and steps to take to protect your health when the air is smoky.

Portable air cleaners with HEPA filters can improve indoor air quality. But, if you’re looking for a cheaper option, consider making your own box fan filter.

PFAS in drinking water

Per– and polyfluoroalkyl substances, or PFAS, are a large group of human-made chemicals used for decades in many products, such as water-resistant clothing, non-stick cookware, and cleaning products. When PFAS are made, used, disposed of, or spilled near water sources, like rivers, aquifers or wells, the chemicals can get into drinking water.

Scientists are still studying how PFAS affect people’s health. Some PFAS can build up in people’s bodies and, over time, may cause harmful health effects. Visit the PFAS in drinking water webpage to learn more.


Temporary food events

Food vendor

Farmers markets and public events offer many opportunities for local food vendors to showcase and sell their products within our community. Food vendors have a variety of ways to offer us new flavors, recipes and products to explore.

If you are interested in selling food at events or farmers markets, or you are coordinating food vendors for an event in Clark County, check out our frequently asked questions about temporary events!


Public records request

To request public records involving Public Health, please access the Public Records Request Portal, create an account and complete the submittal process.