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2021 Candidate Guide and Local Voters' Pamphlet Specifications


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Ballot Flow Chart

Follow the link to view the Ballot Flow Chart.  How does my ballot get processed?

Interested in learning about the elections process in Clark County?

Follow this link to watch the CVTV video explaining the path of a ballot, resolution and voter intent, ballot tabulation, security features, recounts, canvassing and more.

Curious about the new Secrecy Sleeve

Follow this link to see a video explaining why your ballot packet has a secrecy sleeve instead of a secrecy envelope, and how voter privacy is maintained.

Voting is one of the foundations of a democracy. The Clark County Auditor supervises and administers federal, state and local elections conducted in the county. The Elections Office advises voters, candidates, political action committees, political parties, cities, special districts and others about administrative rules and election laws.

The department also maintains voter registration records, administers candidate filing, and produces the local voters’ pamphlet.


Life of a Ballot (Billy the Ballot)

The “Life of a Ballot” video was prepared several years ago and contains information that has changed.  These changes are:

  1. The deadline to register to vote through the mail or online is now eight days before Election Day.
  2. The deadline to register to vote in person at the Elections Office is now 8:00pm Election Day.
  3. There are now 22 ballot drop boxes in Clark County, as well as a ballot drop box inside the Elections Office building.
  4. Ballot packages now include a secrecy sleeve, instead of a secrecy envelope.

Greg Kimsey
Clark County Auditor

Elections staff member at counter holding "register to vote here" sign

Register to vote or update your voter registration

Email us at elections@clark.wa.gov

Call us at 564-397-2345

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Get out the Vote!

To learn about accessible options, such as the audio version of the voters' pamphlet and the accessible voting units available to voters in Clark County, check out the Accessible Voting page!

Ballot Drop Box Locations in Clark County

Ballot drop sites

Open beginning 18 days before an election until 8 pm on Election Day.
Find the nearest ballot drop site.