Vendor Registration Requirements


Vendors wanting to do business with Clark County can easily register online using MRSC Rosters  at The registry, sorted by category of goods and services, gives county employees an easy way to find the right vendor for a specific need.

Registration Process

Conveniently, vendors can register with multiple Washington public agencies using one renewable, online application through this easy, three-step process:

1. Create an MRSC Rosters account
Businesses that meet state eligibility requirements to provide services to Washington public agencies can create an MRSC Rosters account any time by entering their business same, Washington UBI number and email address. Create your MRSC Rosters account.

2. Complete your online application
The online application process asks for contact information, licenses and insurance information and references. Please indicate services your business offers and specify with which public agencies you want to work.

3. Submit your application for verification
Once your information is complete, submit it for review. Every Tuesday and Friday, MRSC reviews applications to verify that businesses meet the eligibility requirements. After review, you will receive an email stating your business has been listed or requesting additional information. Verified businesses are listed for one year and must renew annually to remain listed.

Registration Instructions

Before starting your online application, download these step-by-step

Business Registration Instructions.

When you are ready, go to Create your MRSC Rosters account.

Thank you for your interest in doing business with Clark County.