Sex / Kidnap Offenders

Sex/Kidnap Offender Registration

Introduction to Sex/Kidnap Offender Registration

Protecting the community from sex and kidnap offenders is of the utmost importance to Clark County Law Enforcement Agencies. Pursuant to the Community Protection Act of 1990, the Clark County Sheriff's Office is the lead agency for compiling and maintaining information on sex offenders residing in Clark County.

Information that is relevant and necessary to protect the public and to counteract the danger created by a particular offender is released pursuant to RCW 4.24.550. The extent and content of the information disclosed shall be related to:
1. The risk posed by the offender to the community;
2. The location where the offender resides, intends to reside, is regularly found, or is employed;
3. The needs of affected community members for information that is necessary to protect
their interests and safety.

The manner and mode of dissemination is restricted by the standards set forth by the legislature and interpreted by the Washington State Supreme Court in State v. Ward, 123 Wn. 2d 488, (1994) and its progeny.

Classifying the Sex/Kidnap Offender

Consistent standards for classifying sex offenders into risk levels have been developed by the State of Washington and are used by the Clark County Sheriff's Office to level sex offenders.  Detectives follow the state approved Static 99 risk assessment to assign levels to offenders. 

What are the different sex offender levels and what do they mean?


The majority of registered sex offenders are classified as Level 1. Based on risk assessment they are considered low risk to re-offend in the community.  Level 1 offenders are not published on the public registry unless they are out of compliance or transient. 


Level 2 offenders have a moderate risk of re-offending.  They are published on the public registry. Registration information on Level II offenders may be released to public and private schools, child daycare centers, family daycare providers, businesses and organizations that serve primarily children, women, or vulnerable adults, and neighbors in community groups near the offender's residence, or where the offender expects to reside, or is regularly found. 


Level III offenders are those sex offenders, based on currently known information, who are rated most dangerous to the public and who are a high risk to re-offend within the community. Level III offenders are published on the Washington Sex Offender Public Registry.


Offenders are only required to register if the victim is a minor and not related to the offender. 

Purpose of Notification

An informed public is a safer public. Notification is not intended to increase fear. Sex/Kidnap offenders have always lived in our communities. The legislature has determined that the purpose of the Community protection Act of 1990 is "to assist law enforcement agency's efforts to protect their communities" by providing relevant and necessary information. If "the public is provided adequate notice and information, the community can develop constructive plans to prepare themselves and their children for the offender's release."

Using this public information to threaten, intimidate or harass sex/kidnap offenders will not be tolerated by the law enforcement agencies of Clark County. This abuse could potentially terminate our ability to release this important information to the public.

Questions on this subject should be directed to the Sex and Kidnap Offender Registration Unit SOR Detectives at 564-397-2284 or email at