Jury Service

Jury trials are a cornerstone of the justice system, critical for fair hearings, and a key constitutional guarantee for all. Jury service is a vitally important civic duty.


Extended Postponements for High-Risk Populations


Jurors should NOT report if they are feeling ill, experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, have been exposed to COVID-19 in the last 14 days, or have been instructed to quarantine.


Jurors experiencing illness or under quarantine are required to contact Jury Administration at 564-397-2049 or juries@clark.wa.gov to reschedule their jury service. If a juror reports for duty and is ill, Jury Management staff will collect the badge number, send the juror home, and reschedule the juror for a later date.



The Office of the Superior Court Administrator is responsible for calling citizens for jury duty. The Jury Coordinator runs a computer program that selects prospective jurors from lists of voter registrations, driver registrations and Washington State identification cards for residents of Clark County.

Jury Administration: (564) 397-2049 or juries@clark.wa.gov
Jury Information: (564) 397-2400 


Warning About Jury Duty Scams
Jury Parking Map for Clark County Courthouse
Jury Parking Map at Fairgrounds Location
Information About Washington Jury Service