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COVID-19 Response - Restricted building access and related service modifications

In an abundance of caution due to concerns regarding the COVID-19 virus, the sheriff is limiting access to the downtown campus locations. Click here to learn more about additional safeguards and modified services.

Additional Clark County Information concerning COVID-19.

Clark County Sheriff's Office's Review and Implementation of 2021 Police Reform Legislation - Sheriff Atkins

The Washington State Legislature has completed in April the most significant package of police reforms in our history of current law enforcement. A majority of these laws come into effect on Sunday, July 25, 2021. These new laws were not passed by a vote of the people, but by legislators who to varying degrees did not constructively collaborate with various law enforcement groups during the legislative process. I remain concerned that language in the new laws that appears reasonable on its face, and could make sense to the average person, is problematic for the Clark County Sheriff’s Office. In addition, these reforms create challenges for our governmental partners and for citizens in ways that we will have to mitigate the best that the law allows.

Our concern is that the new legislation will have some unintentional consequences that could put the public and police officers in jeopardy. I expect that people could see a reduced police response and extended investigations as a result. I expect that despite our best efforts to the contrary, Clark County could be on a trajectory now to see the same type of increased crime and violence that larger cities are experiencing – elsewhere in Washington, Oregon, and across the country.

Read the entire message here.

Sheriff Atkins' Response to Governor Inslee's Mandatory Mask Proclamation

Governor Inslee has ordered all Washingtonians to wear face masks in public beginning June 26, 2020. To date, the deputies of the Clark County Sheriff's Office have not cited or arrested anyone violating the governor's previous orders. Instead of enforcement, we have taken a posture of education. This has worked well, and it would seem the Clark County community has been doing well in response to this virus.

Governor Inslee himself stated, "We don't want to have enforcement of this. Ideally, there won't be any criminal or civil sanctions for individuals. We just think people will respond, as they had to the first stay home order. There was vast compliance." I agree with the governor's position on this, that the greatest degree of compliance can be achieved through education and awareness, as opposed to taking enforcement action. Read the entire message here.

Sheriff Atkins' Message to the Community – Reflections of the Times

We respond  to a variety of incidents and concerns ranging from domestic violence, traffic violations, and drug abuse to assault, burglary, or identity theft. We use regional partnerships and cutting-edge technology to investigate crimes, and implement innovative programs that balance incarceration with treatment, education, and community service.

Established in 1849 we are the oldest law enforcement organization in the state of Washington. We have been serving Clark County for 170 years.


Clark County Sheriff's organizational chart

Clark County Sheriff's Office Annual Report (2020)

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Drug tips can be reported by calling the Drug Tip Hotline at 564.397.6017. You have the option to remain anonymous.
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