Presiding Judge, Judge Derek J. Vanderwood
Court Administrator, Cheryl A. Stone

Notice: Jury Services Fraudulent Phone Calls

Clark County residents have received phone calls, and emails, from individuals claiming to be law enforcement officers (such as a Deputy Sheriff) or court personnel indicating that they have missed jury duty and have a warrant out for their arrest. In the past there have been requests for payments.

If you receive such a phone call, or email, do not give any personal, credit card, or banking information. You should hang up and contact law enforcement immediately.

Clark County Superior Court Revised Emergency Orders

Recision of Mask Requirements for Clark County Courthouse, Juvenile Courthouse and Family Law Annex
General Order 22-03
(Effective Monday March 14, 2022)
Revised Emergency Order
General Order 21-04 
(Effective Monday July 19th, 2021)
REVISED Covid-19 Mitigation in Clark County Courthouse
General Order 21-03 
(Effective Monday July 19th, 2021)


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