The County Clerk is an elected official provided for by the Washington State Constitution whose responsibilities are assigned by local and state rules and statute. 

Scott Weber, Clark County Clerk
      Scott Weber, Clark County Clerk

The County Clerk serves and supports the Superior Court by receiving and processing court documents, attending and assisting in all court proceedings, maintaining the court's files, and entering its orders, judgments and decrees. The Clerk authenticates by certificate and/or transcript the records, and files procedures of the court. The Clerk maintains the record for all Felony Criminal, Civil, Dissolution, Probate, Mental, Adoptions, Guardianship and all Juvenile court proceedings. In addition to keeping all the original papers, it is mandatory the Clerk preserve and journalize all orders for security purposes. The Clerk also receipts and disburses the court's money and the money of litigants, at the court's direction.

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