Recording Guide


Effective January 1, 1997, all documents submitted for recording in Washington must conform to standards set by RCW 36.18 and 65.04.  A cover sheet is required for documents in which the first page does not contain the necessary index fields or the three inch top margin.  All pages must conform to formatting requirements for margins, page size, font size, color, legibility and attachments.  A cover sheet will not relieve you of the responsibility of meeting the formatting requirements for all subsequent pages.   Documents that do not meet the requirements will be returned for reformatting before they will be recorded.

Document Standardization Guide

Recording is the process of maintaining an index, scanning a clear image, and making your document public record.

Recording Fees

List of current fees for standard and non-standard recordings

Cover Sheet

A cover sheet is only required if the first page of the document does not meet the required guidelines.

Process Server

A Process Server is a person who serves court papers on a party to a lawsuit. If you wish to become a process server, either by renewing your current license or applying for a new one, please complete the registration form and bring it to our office to record for a $10.00 fee.


DD214s recorded June 13, 2002, or later are automatically exempt from public inspection per RCW 42.56.440. There is no fee to record this document. Our department can also provide up to three certified copies of the document for no fee. A Request for Access/Copy form would need to be filled out if anyone other than the veteran is wanting to obtain this document.


Search the online recording index to see if a document has been recorded.

Property Information Center (PIC)

Find detailed information regarding properties in Clark County such as sales history, land records, taxes, and permits.

For more information regarding excise, visit the Treasurer's page.

This office is prohibited from:

  • Giving legal advice

  • Helping fill out documents

  • Suggesting what type of document to use

  • Accepting illegible documents

  • Recording documents other than those specified by the state of Washington and federal law