"Our mission is to develop and maintain a fiscally sustainable budget that implements county council priorities."

Clark County’s budget process follows state requirements specified by RCW 36.40.   The council is the county’s legislative authority and implements policy by allocating funding to county departments and elected offices.  The county manager takes policy directions from council and guides the Budget Office, which is responsible for coordinating, preparing and updating the county budget.  The county manager recommends a balanced budget to the council that fulfills their policy direction and is within the resources available to the county.

The Budget Office monitors and forecasts revenues and expenses, provides support to departments  and elected officials for budget preparation and submission, manages budgeting software, develops forms and procedures as needed, ensures compliance with all state and local budget requirements, and reports updates and findings to the county manager and to the council.  The Budget Office is dedicated to ensuring the budget process is transparent. We promote open communication with all departments and elected officials and strive to provide outstanding customer service.

For information about the county's current budget, call 564.397.6097 or email emily.zwetzig@clark.wa.gov.

Requests for public records

To request public records involving the Budget Office, see the Public Records Request Portal.