Citizen Resource Guide

The Trauma Intervention Program (TIP) is a local volunteer organization that provides emotional and practical support to victims of traumatic events and their families.

TIP has developed a comprehensive Citizen Resource Guide for the Vancouver/Portland area. With permission of TIP, the Citizen Resource Guide is available for download. Clark County does not endorse and is not responsible for the actions of the Trauma Intervention Program, the information contained in the Citizen Resource Guide or the providers and businesses listed in the Citizen Resource Guide.

The TIP Citizen Resource Guide contains information related to death certificates, contact information for a variety of government and nongovernmental service providers and contact information for a variety of funeral homes in the Vancouver/Portland area.

For more information on TIP visit

Washington State Office of the Attorney General

The Attorney General's Office website provides information and links on Dealing with Death.

Veterans Assistance Fund

The Veterans Assistance Fund may provide burial assistance relief to qualified Veterans.

Homicide Victim's Family Benefits

The Homicide Victim's Family Benefits is a part of the Crime Victims Compensation Program and may provide assistance with funeral expenses and grief-counseling sessions.